Abu Dhabi

Introducing Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi brings its own brand of culture and tradition to the UAE formula of sparkling waterfront, opulent architecture and desert distractions. A world away from the frenetic bright lights of neighboring Dubai, the capital of the Emirates has fostered a somewhat more genteel pace, pouring huge investment into its extravagant outpost of Paris’s Louvre museum and the breathtaking Sheikh Zayed Mosque. There is excitement — the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is an F1 fixture and theme parks like Ferrari World Abu Dhabi inject some adrenaline — but the best attractions are served at a slower pace: the oasis tranquility of second city Al Ain, the panoramas of Jebel Hafit mountain and the boundless desert dunes of the Rub al Khali Empty Quarter.

Things to do


Abu Dhabi is a beautiful modern city but there are loads of amazing cultural attractions where you can get insight into the UAE’s heritage and historical and contemporary art. Look beyond the shiny skyscrapers, the glistening waters of the Arabian Gulf, the supercars, gold leaf, and bountiful brunches and you can experience the essence of the UAE, its traditions, and culture.


If you are looking for places to visit in Abu Dhabi with family, you are in for a treat. The UAE’s bustling capital is not just about massive malls, sports cars, and luxury resorts; there is also plenty of family-friendly nature, art, and entertainment activities to explore!

There are lots of kids’ activities, from famous museums and magnificent mosques to desert safaris and beautiful mangroves.


Abu Dhabi has a happening nightlife and its scintillating clubs are one of the main attractions for both residents and tourists. While the capital city has its fair share of family-friendly attractions, there is no shortage of entertainment for those who love painting the town red! There are several nightclubs in Abu Dhabi, each with its own distinctive ambiance and theme. Most of these clubs in Abu Dhabi are also popular watering holes with the city’s youngsters, and some even offer shisha to attract local patrons. 

Top Tip

The Louvre is a fabulous modern museum, but it is an international exhibit rather than specific to the Middle East. You’ll get more local history and culture by visiting Qasr AlHosn, and to a lesser extent, the Heritage Village on the marina breakwater.

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