Our Dedication

Moorish Hotel Group is committed to maintaining a high standard of business ethics, honesty, and integrity in line with its Responsible Business program encompassing social, ethical, and environmental responsibility. The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct – “the Code” – contains rules and guidelines for our business conduct and responsibilities vis-à-vis colleagues, customers, guests, suppliers, shareholders, authorities, and the world at large.

The Code in short:

  • We respect the law
  • We show respect for all persons in all situations
  • We think ethically
  • We act fairly
  • We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason
  • We are honest and transparent
  • We are loyal to our employer
  • We do not exploit the company’s resources
  • We think of safety at all times
  • We take care of the Earth

We encourage any employee with concerns or questions about the code of ethics and business conduct to discuss them directly with their supervisor. If the supervisor is involved or will not act, this can and should be reported to the highest supervisor responsible.

Additionally, Moorish Hotel Group recognizes that an employee may wish to anonymously report serious or sensitive concerns regarding the code or a possible breach of the code. Therefore we have set up a contact us form to receive these reports and ensure that they are swiftly brought to the attention of the appropriate person or persons in the Moorish Hotel Group.

To Make a Report

No matter how or when you make a report, you can expect to be treated with respect.

  • We will take your report seriously and appreciate the integrity you show by coming forward.
  • We will investigate all reports promptly, thoroughly, and fairly. You are expected to participate in investigations when asked.
  • While we will make reasonable efforts to safeguard confidentiality during and after the investigation, it might be necessary to disclose certain sensitive information on a need-to-know basis to conduct an effective investigation.
  • We will take appropriate action to end unlawful or unethical activity. And we will not tolerate retaliation against you for your report.